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New Handgun owner class.
If you have recently purchased your first handgun this is the class for you! 
This is a group class for new handgun owners to learn the fundamentals. 
- Handgun Safety in the home.
-Understanding how your handgun works.
- How to properly maintain your handgun.
-How to properly store your handgun and ammunition. 
-Basic handgun marksmanship. 
-Basic defensive handgun skills and considerations.
Bring your family and learn together!
Cost is $80.00 per person.
Children under 18 attending with their parents are free. 
(Minimum age is up to the individual parents. Generally we recommend 11 years old and up.)
Classes are held on Friday from 5pm - 9pm.
Check the date tab for class dates available. 
You will need your handgun and a minimum of 50 rounds. 
Families may share a handgun, however you will need 50 rounds per person for those who wish to shoot. 
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