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How To/Pro-Tips

Read the Directions

Did you hear about a hot lure, but don't know how to fish it? The first order of business after buying it is to read the packaging or enlosed
directions. Not all baits come with instructions, but it should always be the first place you look before asking questions.

Wait to Set the Hook

Resist the temptation to strike immediately when a bass explodes on a buzz bait. Drop toward the fish for half a count before you let it know you're there and you'll hook more fish.

Surface Baits

Did you know that surface baits win fewer B.A.S.S. tournaments than any other type of lure? Does that mean you should ignor them? Not at all. But if you don't catch fish quickly don't waste much time before trying something else.

Quiet Your Trolling Motor

When using an up-close presentation like pitching or flipping, it helps to make sure the prop on your trolling motor is free of nicks. Rough spots will make more noise themselves and they'll also pick up more weeds and debris that increases commotion, which will spook fish.

Pattern Variety

Don't fall in love with a particular pattern (shad, bluegill, trout) unless you always fish the same lake. Otherwise you might find yourself fishless someday because you insisted cranking a bluegill pattern through a fishery with a shad forage base. It helps to match the forage's size, too.

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